Saturday, 17 August 2013


I've been a bit absent/slow on this blog and I'm terribly sorry, but I've grown out of my bedroom now, I'm not a "bedroom programmer" any more, I got a job and I program among other programmers (in an office!). I'm working at Goo Technologies and as a Goonian I have the honour of contributing to GooJS (a really cool JavaScript-WebGL-3D-eyepopping-library) (oh, and yes, we at Goo prefix everything with "goo").

And in the weekends I still manage to push updates on MUPLex.
One of the most important additions to MUPLex is a type-inferencer-checker-thing. The language is still dynamically typed (I love dynamic typing), but because the default/preferred bindings in the language are immutable and because there are no implicit conversions, a static code analyser can have a look at the code, infer the possible types of expressions and throw warnings when it concludes that some bits of code can never execute properly if they're reached.
Another addition is that MUPLex now has a to-javascript transpiler. Yes, I am contributing to the 87563284762 languages that compile to JS nowadays. One of the hardest bits was to find a translation scheme that generates pretty expression-ish looking JS code (even compiled code has to be pretty) and not generate any _var_7a62ff variables. It actually generates no extra variables. MUPLex has some features like implicit currying, lexical scoping and a module/namespace system, but JS is flexible enough that you can emulate these relatively easy.

"In the future, in the year 2000" I'm looking forward to showing what awesomeness you can achieve with GooJS and you can expect more updates on MUPLex, but not that often.

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