Langtonia guide - Part 1: Blocks

Also check: Part 2: Mobs
A nice patch of grass
Cobblestone; useful for building shelter; is a bit less hard than stone
Granite; it takes longer to dig but is harder than stone. Can be turned into Obsidian by Mineral Processors
Raw Obsidian; toughtest material available
Sand, can be turned into glass
Glass, use it to protect light sources
Torch, obtained from low quality Glowstone
Lantern, obtained from high quality processed Glowstone
Berry Seeds
Redberries, good for eating
Tall grass; some monsters eat it, some monsters are guided by it.
Yellow flower
Red flower
Glowstone; mine it to receive torches
Concentrated Glowstone; Process it and dig it to obtain lanterns
Concentrated Processed Glowstone; mine it to receive a lantern
Processed Obsidian
Blueberry Seeds
Blueberry leaves
Poisonberries; no use, (yet)

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  1. How do I process the Concentrated Glowstone? I repeatedly used z and x on it, but nothing happened.
    Also I am constantly dying of hunger. How do I produce enough berries?