Langtonia guide - Part 2: Mobs

This is you
Comet - They spawn in groups and destroy the landscape on their way.
Zombie - highly aggressive; can see you from 17 blocks and will engage.
Patroller - follows walls and will attack if close
Blind Patroller - as it only has one eye it can only follow walls; can't notice you
Cowboy - will shoot at you
Stone Angels - chase you when you're not looking at them; have a long life span and camouflage well
Rock Worm - can move through rock
Whale - lays granite and rock
Light Eater - will consume lanterns
Misplacer - steals tiles and places them somewhere else
Dinosaur boy - hatches eggs
Dinosaur girl - lays eggs
Snail - leaves a trail of goo
Berry Seed - spawns branches when it encounters a sapling
Blueberry Seed - spawns blueberry branches when it encounters a blueberry sapling
Langton's Ant
Mineral Processor - turns sand into glass, granite into obsidian and glowstone into processed glowstone
Berry Branch
Blueberry Branch
Bullet - fired by cowboy

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