Tuesday, 4 September 2012

RU gets reflection, GOAT gets full benchmarking functionality

+ added instruction for sending commands to the other Executor. Executors can now control each other.
+ added instructions for telling the other Executor to place or erase instructions on the "playfield"
+ added a much needed instruction for synchronizing Executors

Now that the language is reflective it's probably even harder to make a compiler for it than for Befunge.
Check it out here: http://madflame991.blogspot.se/p/ru-online-interpreter.html

+ separated the application into 2 parts: one for visualising how simulations advance and one for benchmarking which launches simulations in parallel and outputs much more detailed results (output in CSV, XML and JSON formats are in the making)
+ added proper classes for intervals and function domains
* streamlined some sections

Check it out on GitHub: https://github.com/madflame991/gloptat

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