Friday, 5 August 2011

Don't trust the cat and what the future holds

Details regarding Don't trust the cat:
+ it's the first game I make that focuses on content and not on gameplay mechanics
+ its engine was made back in 2009, but I never got a story worth making into a game; I finally came up with some random ideas and asked a friend if she could write a story of some sort... and thus was the game born
+ it's most probably the last game I'll make in AutoIt - I'm now focusing on Java and JavaScript
+ it features music from an artist very dear to me, Gillenium

Future plans/projects:
+ I'll be adding some visual mini-demos/experiments to the blog made in JavaScript - probably a fractal or two
+ Pentamino is a game based on the L game by Edward de Bono. It's a very nice game but I haven't found a playable version anywhere
+ "Wireworld emulator" is morphing into a game - yes, a programming game
+ a Robot Unlock update is coming at some point in the future

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