Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Robot Unlock: FAQ

Q: What is Robot Unlock?
A: A puzzle game, more specific: a 2D Befunge-like programming puzzle game.

Q: A programming game? Is that fun?
A: Programming in this game = putting plates for the little robots to follow.
The firts 12 challanges are really simple and accessible to anyone, they're deisgned to get you aquainted with the concept and the game enviroment.

Q: What do all those plates do?
A: Detailed instructions are accessible from the game. I will also post some sample programs made with the game to show you how powerful the language is.

Q: Who is this Ted fellow?
A: Your friendly floating head. Seriously.

Q: How long did the development take?
A: About a month. I had been thinking about making this game for some time so most of the concepts were already settled.

Q: What tools did you use to create the game?
A: The game was programmed in AutoIt v3 and the "artwork" was made in MSPaint and GIMP. The music is composed by Gillenium, Halindir and mariomusicmaker1 - many, many thanks to them and the font is from dafont.com - it's made by Rein Sacha.

...and the screenshot of the post - you try and figure out what it does

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