Saturday, 12 April 2008

Super Mario Screen Mate v3.7 + Character Editor

The best thing I added this time is the Character Editor. With this anyone ca make skins/characters, translate their quotes into any language and many other...
As far as I know Mario is bug-free, but please report bugs if you encounter any.
A great thing would be if people would start making their own screenmates and submit them to this site so that the next version of this software will have more content.
This is what can you do with the editor:
+ choose the name and dimensions of animations for the mate and its projectile
+ set up its moods and actions
+ set its walking, jumping, throwing and custom animations
+ customize its quotes depending on its mood

Download Link

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  1. E drăguţ, însă din păcate chestia cu traducerea textelor lui Mario nu merge pentru română. Programul suportă doar ASCII, nu şi Windows-1250, deci diacriticele româneşti nu sînt afişate bine.